The Pulse of Entertainment - May 6, 2022

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The Pulse of Entertainment: The Potash Twins Releases ‘Hornography" Featuring Robert Glasper, Cory Wong, Bob Saget


(May 6, 2022) - "The first thing...after Covid...collaborations were forefront," said Adeev, one of the duo horn players of The Potash Twins, about their new album "Hornography," which features spoken words by Terry Crews ("America's Got Talent" host/Former NFL), Andrew Zimmern (Emmy winning chef/TV host), Katie Maloney (reality show star) and the late Bob Saget (stand-up comedian/actor - "Full House"). "It's to answer the question where do horns fit."

The Potash Twins consist of brothers Ezra on bass trombone and Adeev on trumpet. The first single off of the "Hornography" project is "Crypto Cowboy" featuring Grammy nominated guitarist and bass player Cory Wong. Other musicians the duo collaborated with on this project include Grammy Award winning Robert Glasper (pianist) and rapper Jazz Cartier. A portion of the proceeds of the album go to The Scleroderma Foundation in honor of Bob Saget.

"We've had so many incredible mentors," Ezra added about the assistance of some legendary Jazz musicians on the album.

"We incorporate their wisdom," Adeev added.

Though young the Potash twins are very experienced Jazz horn players. Ezra relocated to New York for a full scholarship and Adeev was selected by a veteran horn player located also in New York as his protégé for the year, so without planning the brothers after high school both headed to New York to start their career in music. Ezra went to the Manhattan School of Music for bass trombone. Adeev studied under Jon Faddis at SUNY Purchase, a protégé of Dizzy Gillespie. As The Potash Twins they went on to perform around the world with John Legend, Job Batiste, Diplo, Robert Glasper, Wynton Marsalia and Cory Wong. They were guest on the John Legend produced "Sherman's Showcase" and now provide compositions for the show. They have recently collaborated with Snoop Dogg and Lil Baby on a single.

"Wynton said, ‘Don't pick a school, pick a teacher'," Adeev stated. "Dizzy Gillespie's protégé said, ‘I pick one trumpet student a year and I want it to be you!'"

I told them their story seems as though God had his hand in it and Ezra said, "Yea, you find that a lot with our story."

When I asked about the name of the album and that I first thought, with my dyslexia, it said "pornography," Adeev laughed a little and said, " Yea, that's the first thing people see and gets them thinking. It's a play on word. It means the study of horn music."

"I felt the trombone was the same as voice, felt natural," Ezra said when I asked them why the trombone and trumpet horns.

"Give it a good listen," Ezra said about the "Hornography" album.

When I complimented them on their similar glasses with the red frames (red is my favorite color) and said that the frames make them look sexy Ezra responded, "We're bold people so we couldn't have anything less on our faces, but something bold."

Straight out of high school in Nebraska they moved to New York to begin their journey to musical success, and making it, by themselves is very bold like their appearance, their horn choice and their music which has influences of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Trap and Pop. If all this is not enough they also host "Take Out Twins" on the Food Network.

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