The Pulse of Entertainment - May 27, 2022

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Award Winning Gospel Duo David & Tiffany Spencer Release ‘It’s Already Done’ Single

By Dr. Eunice Moseley                                                                


   “The single is doing so well,” said David Spencer about the new single “It’s Already Done” (IndieBlue Music) from multi-award winning Gospel duo David and Tiffany Spencer. “We wanted to pay homage to our roots in North Carolina. They still use wash-boards and tambourines. We wanted to capture that.”

   K-Sound Praise Fest Music Award winners David and Tiffany are childhood sweet-hearts who met in choir rehearsal and made a bond that goes deeper than their marriage but a bond in God’s Word.

   “My dad was a pastor (United Holy Church),” David informed me about his roots in the Word.  

   There are several ways to spread the Word of God, as an example with how you live, through reading the Word to others and through music ministry. David works in music at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in South Carolina, a city very close to where he lives in North Carolina and Tiffany is a music teacher at an elementary school in North Carolina.

   “I’m a music teacher so I sing all day long,” Tiffany said when I asked.

   When I asked if she gets tired of singing – singing at work, singing as a background vocalist and singing in the duo David & Tiffany Spencer – she said, “No, I never get tired of singing. One time I was sick for two weeks and I thought I’d lose my mind.”

   Their love for music has resulted in several Top 10 singles and multi-awards for inspiring their fans with the meat of the Word. The last time I interviewed David and Tiffany Spencer it was for their singles “We Are One” and “Only You”. Even though “Only You” has an R&B music vibe and “We Are One” has a Contemporary Gospel music vibe their topic matter is always from the Word. “It’s Already Done,” the new single, has that old-time Southern Gospel music vibe. Their vocal styles are versatile as well, expertly performing Traditional and Contemporary Gospel, Praise & Worship and Urban Inspirational.


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