The Pulse of Entertainment - April 28, 2023

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Porter + Craig Release 50 Films to Networks, Theaters, Digital Platforms


(April 28, 2023) - "Let's build it," said Sgt. Major Keith Craig, former Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Manager of Theatre Sales and Distribution, about the launch of his own film sales and distribution company Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution which is launching in May, 2023 50 films to theatres, broadcast networks and digital platform.

"I was introduced to Jeff Porter by an associate. I was impressed with what Jeff was doing. I realized he is brilliant. Man, I was impressed. He was a producers rep. We talked about being the only African-American film Hollywood," said the Alabama native.

Porter had 15 years in the film production business and Keith Craig helped design sales and film distribution strategies for Disney for such projects as Black Panther, Lion King, Coco, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Marvel's Guardians of Galaxy, and Captain Marvel that racked in 50 billion domestically and 100 billion worldwide. His strategies were required to reach across diverse audiences.

"I happen to arrive at the height of Hollywood...the Black Panther, an all-black case and black director," said Sgt Major Craig about his Disney experience.

He was a veteran in the Army for over 30 years and through circumstances as an Intelligence and Logistic Non-Commissioned Officer (entertainment producer) he became responsible for the entertainment for the troops who were in remote places. That is how he gained the attention of Disney. Disney wanted to screen their films for the troops in war zones (Iraq, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates or Kuwait) and he took on the task. They became impressed with his skills in logistics in bringing the presentation together.

"In Hollywood that's what a producer does. I flew to Los Angeles and met the executives," he said about the job offer from Disney. "I thought it was something I could excel in."

After years of developing sales and distribution strategies that brought in 100 billion world-wide, Sgt. Major Craig plans to do the same at his Beverly Hills based film and media company, but unlike Disney he includes independent films. He distributes their own films with third party content as well. They have guaranteed placement at digital platforms such as Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple tv, Vudu and Roku. They also distribute to selected theaters, and on such broadcast networks as Starz, HBO, Showtime, CW, Hulu, and Netflix.

"We love what we do," Sgt Major said as we closed our talk.

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