The Pulse of Entertainment - April 17, 2020

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The Pulse of Entertainment: R&B's K'Jon is Fortunate to be Blessed on New Single ‘Live, Love & Laughter'

Eunice Moseley 


(April 17, 2020) - "I'm fortunate, some artists can't make a living - I'm blessed," said R&B Chart-topping singer/songwriter K'Jon about his longevity in the music business. K'Jon is currently promoting his newest single "Live, Love and Laughter" (Shanachie Entertainment).

K'Jon is actually considered a Soul singer, but he has six consecutive weeks at the top of Billboard's R&B Charts for his single "On the Ocean." That single also garnered the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Song Chart's longest run with 75 weeks on the chart.

"I think I've gained young fans since the hit song because of their parents," K'Jon laughed when asked if the younger generation is into Soul singers. "I touch three generations of listeners - their parents and their parent's parents - their grandparents - like the sound. Kids' teachers play it to calm the class down!"

The "On the Ocean" hit he talks about was on his debut album "I Get Around" in 2009 on Universal Republic. It hit #1 on the Urban AC Radio Chart and #12 on Billboard's R&B Chart. His second release, "Moving On," was on the Shanachie imprint in 2012. The single release from that project was "Will You Be There?" Both projects were produced by Seven the General. It is not indicated whether the "Live, Love and Laughter" single is the prelude to a new Shanachie album, but let's look at for one from the Soulful Detroit singer K'Jon anyway.

"At the time of ‘On the Ocean' there were a lot of icons at the top that I was battling with," K'Jon added about breaking a Billboard record by staying on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Song Chart for 75 consecutive weeks. "It was friendly...competition. There was Charlie Wilson, Aretha Franklin and Maxwell's ‘Pretty Wings'."

"We're the #1 independent label in the country - all over the world," he informed me when we were talking about how much money unknown independent labels can make. "I started independently...singing around my living room, Virtually unknown - I'm still unknown."

Unknown but his Soulful vocals speak for themselves, with record sales that indicate listener don't care who you are, they just want good quality vocal and honest lyrics that will touch their souls, hearts and lives.

"You certainly can enjoy it," K'Jon laughed a little about the single. "Kids won't be mad."

"I put a lot of time in the regular workforce," he said. "I wouldn't have chosen it (singing for a living) out the gate. I was singing as a backup singer and I would moonlight and go to the studios and record. I was laid off and I said (to his wife), ‘Let's see what will happen if I put this beat to some of my work.' It was a couple of weeks later when I got a call."

I guess, as they say the rest is history, as he focused on selling his soulful vocals and lyrical skills via his deals with Universal Republic and Shanachie Entertainment. 

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